Project 365 91/365

Memorial Day... shot from East Lawn Palms Cemetery in Tucson. Processed to spot color plus a "pop" technique to intensify the contrast and wash out the highlights.


Project 365 90/365

Flag presentation from my husband's graduation ceremony. Figured the American flag along with the local Army post flags was a good prelude to Memorial Day.



Project 365 83/365

The Scottish Rite Cathedral in Downtown Tucson. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places... it's filled with meeting rooms, dining areas, hallways and secret passageways - it's also said to be on the Haunted Tucson tour. This shows one photo edited with three types of processing.


Project 365: 82/365

Decorative "artwork" which appears on a nightclub wall in Downtown Tucson. Question for you... If someone did tag this... would the owners of the wall know?


Project 365 80/365

Daniels Jewelers antique clock in downtown Tucson. Set to a peach black and white tone.


Project 365 75/365

Rocks and a pigeon on the water behind Point Loma Seafoods in San Diego, California.




Project 365 69/365

This was my 10,000th photo (on the new camera!). This is in Downtown Tucson at La Placita Village.


Project 365 68/365

Shots of my Mom's girl at 2 mos, 3 mos, 4 mos and 4.5 mos, set in a format suitable for a baby announcement or holiday card.


Project 365 66/365

More from the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Don Juan and Miguel show. Cutting a pickle with a whip!


Project 365 64/365

Random shots of the Arizona Renaissance Festival. I took over 1,000 pics of the festival during our 5 hour visit.


Project 365 62/365

A misty sunrise at the entrance to our neighborhood... rays of sunshine and the symbol of America