Project 365 234/365

Old Main flower bed! A similar shot to one I took in 2004 which appeared on the U of A poster calendar that year.


Project 365 232/365

Old Main... the first building on the U of A campus - built in 1887 and still used today!


Project 365 222/365

Spying on the bookstore shoppers! Shot from the third floor of the student union overlooking the glass enclosure nook of the bookstore.


More Logos!

These are really old - circa 2002-3 and these were created as part of my job at the University of Arizona.
UA Marketplace never got off the ground, swirl was for the Women's Path of Honor, Cat Walks was a tour program, and the USA route is a Cat Tran route still running today - in fact, Kidlett rides that route every day!

Project 365 221/365

U of A Engineering Team car... after the parade.


Project 365 219/365

Homecoming on the UA Mall. Towards the end of the mall festivities, shortly before the game started. SOOC.




Project 365 216/365

Night shot of the Fly n Buy sign - gift shop across from Soarin' at DCA. The light in "fly" is out... it's not my camera technique! Natural color processed, sharpened slightly.

Business Logos

Logo Samples... some proofs, some finals