Project 365: 31/365

Ocotillo in the back of our neighborhood with the Whetstone Mountains in the background.



Project 365: 29/365

My husband's reflection in a broken window of his old house which his renters burned down. I took this just before the house was to be demolished. Processed to black and white and spot color.


Project 365: 28/365

I'm a sucker for old barns. This is on a backroad in Texas. Processed with vibrant color.


Project 365: 24/365

This is an oldie, but a goodie... it was my first published work. It was selected for the 2005 design calendar at the U of A when I still worked in the print shop there. It was taken with an old point and shoot, and I only sharpened it a tad for todays posting.


Project 365: 23/365

The Dragoon Mountains from my backyard processed to contrast black and white. Love the clouds and shadows on the mountains. I'm lucky I get to see this every day... only in technicolor!


Project 365: 21/365

Washington on the Brazos/Birthplace of Texas park. South of College Station between Brenham and Navasota. Nice little park and just past the treeline is the Brazos River. Unfortunately, this was as close as we could get to the river.


Project 365: 20/365

The Christmas tree in the foyer of the Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. Processed two different ways. Once to black and white and sharpened, the other with a process color called Luxe and sharpened. It's amazing how the processing makes all the difference in the mood of a photo. The original straight out of the camera was way over exposed and so bright it almost hurt your eyes.


Project 365: 19/365

Tree stump in the back alley of my rental house. It was cut down more than 12 years ago and the texture of it is amazing.


Project 365: 18/365

My #2 kitty Lucy. Watching birds crash into the kitchen window. Lucy and Sam are from the same litter - believe it or not!


Project 365: 13/365

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona. Specially edited for todays Project 365 shot. So lush and green in the spring with calming waters flowing!


Project 365: 11/365

Years after the devistating Mt. Lemmon fire, the forrest is still rebuilding. Top of the ski lift area, Mt. Lemmon, Arizona.


Project 365: 9/365

Beautiful Garden Canyon on Fort Huachuca Army Post, Sierra Vista, Arizona. Love the shadows and the bright green grass.


Project 365: 7/365

On the same property as my day 5 photo sits this old barn. I had to photograph it because I'm in fear the state may take it down when they realign the freeway later this spring. It just has so much personality!


Project 365: 6/365

Another old thing I really loved... The Alamo. The sun was setting, the wood and the brick were perfect.


Project 365: 5/365

I am very intrigued by this old house in Benson. It is old and run down and I don't believe anyone lives in it anymore. It's just old and I love it!


Project 365: 4/365

From the Fords of Fourth Car Show... a beautiful Mustang!


I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my great friends, family and regular viewers on my personal blog for helping spread the word about The Arizona Digital Lizard Designs! It's amazing to think I already have quite the fan base on Facebook as well as here... 30 some friends on FB, 77 hits on here in just 2 days!

I'm off to an excellent start! I've already had a request for a photo shoot and a large graphic design project! So THANK YOU for the referrals!!! Keep them coming!!!


Project 365: 3/365

This was taken on a backroad between Brenham and Sommerville Lake in Texas. This area was so inspiring for photography. This is currently the background photo for this blog.



Project 365: 1/365

Today I decided to post this picture of my coffee cup. I start everyday with a caffeinated concoction, quite usually in a Disney mug. So how better to start my Project 365 but to begin with a warm cup of joe in a Sorcerer Mickey Mug!


Welcome to my new business blog! I'm very excited to get up and going!

As part of this blog, I will be featuring a "Project 365" which will be a photo taken each day, or perhaps a specially processed and edited shot for the project. Either way, I will post a different picture every day. I will also post selected pictures from client shoots plus selections from my portfolio for you to enjoy!

Arizona Digital Lizard Designs will encompass photography services, graphic design for print and web and commissioned art projects. An etsy or ebay shoppe will eventually be set up to sell both standardized and one of a kind items. The link to the site will be posted on the blog when available.

I wish you a pleasant day and look forward to serving each and every one of you!