Project 365 213/365

Night shot of the Disneyland Fire Department and the window to Walt's apartment - always a light on! Processed in natural color with slight sharpness added.


Project 365 212/365

Main Street Indian. Processed to further blur the background and add a frothy milky tone. Also edited slightly to bring back some of the detail in the feathers.


Project 365 211/365

Pacific Wharf area of DCA, processed with the same antiquing process as in yesterday's photo and edited slightly to bring back some of the detail lost in blown out areas.


Project 365 210/365

Downtown Disney night shot processed with an antiquing process to make it look a little more vintage than SOOC.



Project 365 208/365

Signage inside and out of Flynn's Arcade in the Hollywood Backlot of DCA... open during Electronica Hours. Processed in natural color with added sharpening.


Project 365 207/365

Tower of Terror in black and white. With Halloween on approach, I wanted this picture to look particularly creepy and old in this shot. I think the editing did it justice.



Project 365 205/365

My hubby's favorite ride! Night shot of the Soarin' sign. Natural color, sharpened a bit.


Project 365 204/365

Night shot of the Gift Shop Sign at the end of Toy Story Midway Mania. Edited to remove blown out areas and sharpened a bit.


Project 365 203/365

A cloudy day at the Disneyland Resort. Called for a kind of murky black and white finish on this photo.


Project 365 202/365

Sign which hangs between the Ice Cream shoppe and Penny Arcade on Main Street USA. Processed in natural color and sharpened a tad.


Project 365 201/365

Captain EO and Space Mountain at night. Processed in natural color and sharpened slightly.


Project 365 200/365

DAY 200 of Project 365! Beautiful Disneyland Roses with the castle. Edited in natural color with a vignette added.


Project 365 199/365

The Disneyland icon - Mark Twain Riverboat. Edited with coffee colorant to give an "old" feel to the picture.


Project 365 198/365

Over near Big Thunder Mountain RR pompous grass and bouganvillas line the walkways... this shot was edited using espresso colorings to give it that milky brown tone.


Project 365 197/365

Nightshot of the coffee shop on Main Street USA. Processed to a warm and hazy black and white.


Project 365 194/365

Night shot of the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney. Processed to a vintage sepia look.


Project 365 192/365

Main street buildings processed to a blurred vintage look. Finished with a grunge border.


Project 365 188/365

Sleeping Beauty's castle and the famous Disneyland Rose. Processed to a washed out bright white.


Project 365 187/365

Here is an example of what processing can do to a photo. Here is the photo straight out of the camera on the left, and processed with coffee colorants on the right. The processing makes all the difference. It can change the look and the mood of a photo. Soften it, color it differently, sharpen it... all kinds of things!


Project 365 185/365

Another shot in HDR... Like the bright colors it makes here, however not sure I like that it turned the white rails to a light purple... still getting the HDR fine tuned!


Project 365 184/365

Same photo as yesterday, HDR processing. See, this is a perfect example of how different processing effects can change the entire mood of a photo. I don't quite like the moire looking balloons in this shot with this processing - but still an example of what can be done if the client wants it!