Catching up!

Catching up on for fun stuff. Here's some new pics - new to the site, not necessarily recent!

Cottonwood Fire, Whetstone Mountains, June 2012

Veteran's Park, Downtown Phoenix, AZ Winter 2012


Project 365...

With busy schedules keeping to business, editing and travel dates for events, Project 365 came to a screeching halt! I will be posting more pictures for the project soon, and starting new photo projects, although they more than likely will not be happening daily... but more on a special event basis. So stay tuned!


Project 365 333/365

Back on Halloween on University Blvd. Just after the trolley took it's last run... a tree decorated in orange lights in honor of the goulish holiday and the passing cars in the background...


Project 365 332/365

Happy Leap Year! Today is a day we only see every 4th year! Here's a blast from the past year to celebrate!

Back in October 2011 the City of Tucson said farewell to it's streetcar system in preparation of installing the new modern street car later in 2012... these are photos from it's last run on Halloween.


Project 365 330/365

A blast from the past... the old locomotive that used to be in the entrance plaza of California Adventure. This was recently removed as part of the re-theming of DCA and relocated to a train museum in Northern California.


Project 365 326/365

Outhouse in Johnson City, Texas. This is across the street from the Johnson museum on President Johnson's family property.


Project 365 323/365

Slumming it at McCafe... it's actually not bad and it's much cheaper than S'bucks! :)



Project 365 311/365

Same photo with different processing techniques... Carousel at California Adventure.


Project 365 307/365

Carnation Plaza Gardens... which is being removed and replaced with a Princess thing. Years ago this was a burger stand, then it was transitioned into this olde tyme band and dance floor... now Princesses... it will never be the same!