Project 365 153/365

Housing development on Miller Canyon Road... showing just how close the fire got to some houses. Slurry makes a mess, but saves property!


Project 365 149/365

Old mail truck sitting outside the car repair shop. Wasn't burned, but the heat from the fire melted the tail lights.


Project 365 147/365

Remains of Ricardo's Mexican Restaurant on SR 92. This was an important place to the hubby and me as one of our first dates occured here at his company Christmas party.



Project 365 145/365

The Monument Fire... burned more than 30,000 acres in the Coronado National Forest - not including the acres burned across the Mexican border... Reseeding has begun on the trails now stricken with flooding during the monsoon season. The fire took many homes, sacred structures, and memories for many Sierra Vista residents - past and present. The next 12 days will look at some of the specifics left behind in this photo journalistic view. This photo was taken down Carr Canyon Road behind the Mesquite Tree restaurant which was saved from the fire.


Project 365 144/365

It's monsoon season in the Old Pueblo and these beautiful Mexican bird of paradise are in full bloom with all the moisture! Processed with natural color against the blue sky!


Project 365 143/365

Standing in my grandma's old room, I happened across this shot of a bunch of misc on her dresser... This photo is SO her! Cupie dolls, fancy hats, flowers, articles, warm sweaters... like a Nonny montage! Snapped this with my iPhone and processed it to a more vintage look.


Project 365 142/365

One last hold over from the Fortnight at the Disneyland Resort series... Fireworks! One of the reasons I go to the DLR! LOVE their shows! These were hand held shots so they aren't perfect, yet I thought they turned out interesting... kinda look like nebula or glitter in the sky! The tip top of the Matterhorn is seen at the bottom based on where we were standing. These are processed with natural color.


Project 365 141/365

A hold over from the Fortnight at the Disneyland Resort series... The firehouse in Toontown, USA. Processed using vibrant color.


Project 365 140/365

Our final day of a Fortnight at the Disneyland Resort. The American flag atop the Main Street Railroad Station. Processed with vibrant color.


Project 365 135/365

Skyline in the entry plaza of Disney's California Adventure Park which neighbors Disneyland - for those of you who have not been there in the past 10 years. DCA is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary this year, however it is undergoing a huge facelift and re-imagineering. This information booth has been removed since our recent visit. Processed to natural color.


Project 365 134/365

Big Thunder Mountain details of the ride cue. Processed in natural color. Could you tell that BTMRR is one of my favorite rides?


Project 365 133/365

It's a Small World! Is that theme song stuck in your head yet? Good! Edited to spot color in the sky and sign with a vignette added.



Project 365 131/365

It was June Gloom in So Cal when we visited for this photo, and there were a few days the sky at night was also looking particularly murky with reflection of the park lighting; hence why the sky is not black in this photo. Star Tours recently relaunched as 2.0!


Project 365 129/365

The one thing I like best about DLR is their ability to utilize the most beautiful plants because of the moister climate than we have in Arizona. This was shot outside Tarzan's treehouse and edited in part with vibrant color.


Project 365 126/365

Disneyland, USA! For the next two weeks, to kick off the return of Project 365, I will be featuring Disneyland in a "Fortnight at the Disneyland Resort" series which celebrates summer fun!

Today's kick off picture is from the back side of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.