Never fear... Project 365 shall continue!

Hard drive issues have temporarily plagued my abilities to edit photos... I have been continuing to snap... but I cannot upload til my issues are solved! Bear with me, I'm hoping within the next week I can resume where I left off!

A hint at some of the things planned for the near future: A week full of Disney and a look at the Monument fire damage.


Project 365 125/365

OUR FINAL DAY of 28 DAYS at the U of A...

Gate and wall to a backyard on a neighboring building to the university. Unsure if this is a greek house, a private residence, or a university owned house (for office space). Processed to a creamy cappucino sepia tone and edited to remove the large and distracting address numbers.


Project 365 124/365

Same shot as yesterday... this one shot in the early morning and processed to black and white.